About Us

My name is Phillip Russertt and I have always been an avid fan of comics, superheroes and art. The allure of fantastical beings with extraordinary abilities, clad in colorful costumes was my childhood. The idea of noble men and women with integrity and honor facing adversity for the sake of others was exciting and admirable. I was hooked immediately. Being married to an amazingly talented artist has brought upon an even greater appreciation for the effort and work put into making two-dimensional figures come to life.

Despite not being part of the industry, through my love of art and the fun interactions with artists, inkers, colorists and writers, I have been brought into this world. It was through my fanaticism that I decided to create, run and promote my own show. It is my way of paying homage and giving thanks to the many creators and comic retailers that brought magic to my childhood and well into my adulthood; though if you asked my wife the term adulthood is questionable.

This show is born out of appreciation and passion for the medium. My goal is to provide a great show for great fans and awesome people who make comics a reality, from their inception to the retail shelves. Suffolk County Comic and Art Expo is my thanks to you all. I hope everyone attends the show and shares their passion for the medium with us!