Artist: Albert Morales

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Albert Morales is an American illustrator who has worked on multiple series for MARVEL /UPPERDECK such several movie card sets, Captain America 75th Anniversary, X- Men, and SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Albert is also a SELAH Award winning illustrator for the young adult, fantasy fiction book series F’LORNA OF RODESH. His comic strip SUPER IMPACTO VS. the WORLD is curated in the BILLY IRELAND CARTOON ART MUSEUM along side comic strip greats CHARLES SCHULTZ (PEANUTS), BIL KEANE (FAMILY CIRCUS), and BILL WATTERSON (CALVIN AND HOBBES) to name a few.

Currently he is working on two new children’s book series, the second edition to F’LORNA OF RODESH book series, and comic series’ MEGAMEN NYC and SAMURAI SENORITA, with his creator owned project LUCHA LIBRE CHINGON closing out 2019. Definitely an artist on the move, and always ready to shake things up.

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