Artist: Andrew Clem

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Hi, my name is Andrew Clem. I created ClemaGraphics Studio, along with my manager and lovely wife, Sarah Clem, I strive to bring the best work to each piece I create.

The Art Medium that is used here in these pieces is Acyclic Ink. I use the ink like paint but normal painting techniques, such as flow, drying and coverage had to be recreated. Why do few use this medium? Its unforgiving on mistakes.

Let me give you a brief history of my life.

Bio: I’m not your typical artist. I did the normal things, Graduation of Strasburg HS 1983 (yep, my town looks like Hawkinsville). Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps 1986 (been there done that all over the globe) and retired 2006.

Now it gets interesting. After I retired, I dove headfirst into my education and devoting my time to fleshing out my artistic style, and a medium that fits me. I hope you enjoy the work I’ve created.

Published work:
I did an insert for this book.

Links to My work:
Facebook: @Clemagraphicsstudio
Instagram: clemagraphics_studio
DeviantArt: Clemagraphics

My work: Each piece is hand drawn not traced, on 18×24 canvas and is completely Acrylic Ink.

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