Artist: CJ Oechsle

Artist Bio

CJ “Oech” Oechsle is a NJ-based freelance artist & graduate of The Kubert School. During his time at TKS, CJ was featured in Dare 2 Draw’s “New Talent Mentoring Anthology.” Since graduation, he has been working for companies such as Dynamite, Inbeon Studios, and Time’s Arrow Productions. You can currently find CJ’s artwork in “MISTER CROWLEY,” a horror/action comic he co-created with writer Dan Ball. “MISTER CROWLEY” #1 is now available from Time’s Arrow Productions. To see more of CJ’s projects (including his portfolio, commissions info, and upcoming appearances), follow him on social media at @cj_oech_art or visit his website:

CJ lives in South Jersey with his wife Nicole, his cat Penelope (PEE-nah-LOPE) and crushing amounts of student loan debt.

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