Artist: Dominic Glover Bio

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Dominic Glover will not be attending our comic con, but we wanted to give him a huge THANK YOU for his artistic contributions to our flyers!

Even as a kid, Dominic Glover was always drawing all sorts of fantastic heroes and creatures.

Since those childhood days he’s been hard at work, honing his craft, and perfecting his skills, even to this very day.

The results can make even the most hardened fanboy cry tears of nerd-induced joy.

Over the years, Dominic’s incredible artwork has been featured in the entertainment industry, including the 2 ‘big boys’ of the comics world, Marvel and DC.

These days you can find him on the convention circuit, as well as a featured artist in shows around the country…

Which is great news for comic fans looking for original, signed prints from a master of the craft.

From Superman to Spider-man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Black Panther, Flash and all the rogues in their respective galleries…

Dominic brings each one to eye-popping, jaw-dropping life.

Want to learn more, or get a signed print of your own?

Visit Dominic’s website:

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