Artist: Henry Martinez

Henry Martinez is the son of two Cuban born in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1966. They immediately moved to Woodside, Queens where they spent most of their lives working in the restaurant business. When things got rough financially in 1977 they popped by Puerto Rico, Colorado, Miami then back to NY where they wound up for the rest of their lives.

Back in NY, Henry attended the High School of Art & Design and the School of Visual Arts which changed his life. A virtual United Nations of art and friends, he made long lasting friendships that still exist to this day.

His connections in SVA led to work in Neal Adam’s Continuity Studios, where he learned the advertising storyboard skills which started his career in storyboard advertising that he still uses to this day. During this time he persevered and submitted work to smaller publishers which led to work with publishers that eventually led him to be published to his break at Marvel Comics.

His first published Marvel work was finishing up a Morbius issue which led to his work on Ghost Rider/Blaze:Spirits of Vengeance, which led to the solo book, Blaze, written by Larry Hama. After this he was hired by Malibu Comics on a fill-in issue of The All New Exiles, followed by Mantra. After Marvel bought the line and shut it down, he went back to advertising while working for various independents, including Brainstorm, and Heroic Publishing. He is currently working for Heroic, doing commissions, and on a monthly series called Cult of Dracula which is being shopped around as a series or film.

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