Artist: Jose Varese

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Jose’s passion for art and design can be traced back to his early childhood when his parents would ground him repeatedly for drawing on his bedroom wall. They soon discovered Jose’s creative potential and encouraged him to develop his talents.

Over the years, Jose has continued to hone his skills as an illustrator, winning regional and national competitions and collaborating with local Miami artists and community businesses. Jose’s style ranges from traditional drawing and painting to comic book art and graphic design.

In 2009, Jose partnered with Creature Entertainment, becoming there Art Director and Lead Artist for comic titles The Gun and Ravenous.

Since then, Jose has also worked on other projects such as The Mighty Titan, Soulfire “The Dying of the Light,” and Soulfire “Hope.”, The Faro Chronicles, Light Earth, Alpha, The Beach Chronicles, Red Sonja, and Vampirella.

Currently, Jose is working on expanding his brand within mainstream comics, as well as developing outside projects in the fields of gaming and motion pictures.

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