Artist: Lloyd Marshall Briggery

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Lloyd Marshall Briggery, aka The Redoubtable LMB, is an illustrator and storyteller. Hailing from Goldsboro, North Carolina this 10 year Army Combat Veteran and Crossfit coach pursued his dream to become a comic book artist in the hallowed halls of the Joe Kubert School. Upon his graduation in 2014, he was brought on staff at the school. In 2017 he made waves with a self published book of illustrations entitled Redoubtables Volume 1: Heroes From My Childhood. Now, by day he is the Events Coordinator and Admissions Officer at the Kubert School and by night, he is working on completing his second collection of portraits for Redoubtables Volume 2: Somethin’ About The 70’s. Lloyd believes art and story are a necessity to the human experience. “There is room for everyone’s voice. Just be sure you have something to say. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine the power of a thousand pictures.”