Artist: Luis Diaz

Artist Bio

I’m an illustrator based here in Bayshore, New York where I was born and raised. Like many artists from around the world, I was inspired to draw based on factors such as shows, comics, and video games. I daily fine-tune my craft which allowed me to start getting commissioned by local rap artists in my area. In time I also got my own original comic “Life Drivers” off the ground with two completed issues and the third one in progress at the moment. I love seeing fellow artists’ amazing work that consistently pushes me to try harder and harder. I also love seeing people who are just passionate about things such as shows, movies, and games for example and talking to them about the things that bring us together and making new friends in the process. I always look forward to new challenges to better myself and new people to meet in the process. I aspire to become a comic illustrator one day, till then I’ll have to keep pushing myself towards my goal.

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