Artist: Lula Lukas

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Lula Lukas, born and raised in Brooklyn, Lula is a primarily self-taught artist new to the convention circuit. She considers herself fortunate to be a teenager during the 90s – an iconic time for comic books and was inspired by the legendary Michael Turner. Her art showcases her deep appreciation for powerful characters such as Cheetara, Wolverine, Jean Gray, Snake Eyes, Wonderwoman, Spawn, Batman and the Maxx.

Lula enjoys penciling her favorite characters and recently, her art has progressed into the digital format. She believes that through art, we can heal and connect with so many. This belief inspired her to create Love by Lula, a brand that allows her to design products with her art. When she is not working or drawing, she’s traveling around the world with her loving husband or spending time with her two rescue pit bulls and Great Dane.

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