Artist: M. Zapata

M. Zapata, born in Argentina, raised in the United States, has been drawing ever since he can remember. As a little kid, Saturday morning cartoons (Spider-Man, G.I.Joe, Voltron, etc.) became the eye-opening adventures into his creation with his imagination that would propel him into the medium of comics and storytelling.

As a self-taught artist, he excelled all through school with his ability to draw. But as with any young adult, he discovered music and girls (in no particular order) which slowed down his interactions with creating art, but it never stopped him from buying comic books or drawing. He would make flyers for local bands and their shows, art pieces for local news papers, and he even had the opportunity to make the cover of a band’s album. His ability to draw on the side whatever he could, whenever he could, would allow for him to never stop creating.

It wasn’t till recently, in the beginning of 2018 that he start taking comic book creating, storytelling and his art more seriously. He’s been working on a variety of projects, from collaborating with a couple of like minded individuals on a one-off sci-fi comic book that he is writing, penciling, inking, coloring and publishing, as well as working on a children’s book from his own creation. Adding to the mix are commission work and pin-ups for conventions.

M. Zapata is now using that love and hunger of comics by getting more exposure with his art, getting tables at Artist Alley in comic conventions, sharing his creations with his peers and interactions with social media. The love and want that he has for storytelling and creating, has his peers wondering what will he make next.

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