Artist: Enrique “Quique!” Lopez

“Quique!” is living proof that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Born to Cuban parents in Puerto Rico, Quique was always fascinated with telling stories. Writing from early age, he discovered comics and the love affair never waned. He tried to break into the industry during the 4 color days of the 80s with not much success so he dedicated himself to working in the advertising as creative and account director for a number of prestigious agencies where some of his campaigns won awards and honors. He recently returned to his art roots and has begun inking again with the assistance of a number of professional artists as well as local and international artists. He also sketches and will spin a nice yarn if you ask nice. He is currently involved in a number of projects as well as a collection of stories set in a fantastical world which should see the light of day late 2019 or early 2020. Recently was a top 10 finalist of the New Jersey Live Story Telling Contest from almost 300 entries. Influences: Berni Wrightson, Terry Austin, Mike Grell, Neal Adams.

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