Artist Alley

Artist: Tony “KO!” Kordos

Tony “KO!” Kordos is a professional inker who is best known for his work on […]

Artist: Barry Orkin

Barry has worked with Shi creator Billy Tucci as a colorist, inker, and logo designer. […]

Artist: Lula Lukas

Lula moved to Long Island from Brooklyn, NY 14 years ago. After suffering the loss of both […]

Artist: Adelso Corona

Adelso Corona is a Queens, NY born and raised comic book artist currently residing in […]

Artist: Anthony J. Biondolillo

Anthony J. Biondolillo is a graphic artist and overall art enthusiast born and raised in New York, where he currently lives with his wife and dog.

Artist: Damien Torres

Drawing ever since he can hold up a pencil, Damien's childhood dream was to become a comic book artist.

Artist: James Avila

James is a Comic Artist from Long Island who is currently working on his independent comic "All I Have to do is Dream" which he writes and illustrates.