Artist Alley

Artist: Will Conrad

Will was born in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte. One of the most prolific […]

Artist: Ken Lashley

Artist: Will Torres

Will Torres is a self taught illustrator and the creator/writer/artist on Saint Of Assassins, KillBorg: […]

Artist: Kristina Graphics

Kristina is a full time graphic designer from Long Island who’s hobbies are gaming and […]

Writer: Michael Santana

Twenty nine year old Michael Santana started writing with his twin brother and two best […]

** Cancelled – Artist: Tony “KO!” Kordos

Tony “KO!” Kordos is a professional inker who is best known for his work on […]

Artist: Barry Orkin

Barry has worked with Shi creator Billy Tucci as a colorist, inker, and logo designer. […]