Artist Alley


Artist: Chris Sotomayor

Born and raised in the Bronx (NY), Chris Sotomayor was nearly arrested for Breaking & Entering when trying to gain access to the Marvel Comics offices after hours.

Artist: Jay Lipson

A native New Yorker Jay left the industry in 1993 to pursue other endevours.  After a life changing injury in 2004 he returned to his passion of drawing.

Artist: “Creees” Hyunsung Lee

"Creees" Hyunsung Lee graduated from SVA (School of Visual Arts) with a BFA in Cartooning.

Artist: Tom Travers

Tom Travers is a Long Island based artist and the creator of fantasy/action hero, Battle Skull!

Artist: Mike Lilly

Mike Lilly is a professional comic book artist who’s worked on such titles as The […]