Artist Alley


Artist: Anthony J. Biondolillo

Anthony J. Biondolillo is a graphic artist and overall art enthusiast born and raised in New York, where he currently lives with his wife and dog.

Artist: James Avila

James is a Comic Artist from Long Island who is currently working on his independent comic "All I Have to do is Dream" which he writes and illustrates.
nick justus

Artist: Nick Justus

From the mean streets of Buckingham, Virginia! Too dirty so he moved to Jersey! Nick is a 2011 graduate of the prestigious Kubert school.

Artist: Sean Chen

Sean Chen has been a major part of the comic book industry for over two decades. He started out at Valiant Comics, having been discovered by the legendary Barry Windsor Smith. His debut book, Rai And the Future Force, topped the charts with over 800,000 copies sold. He then moved on to Harbinger and Bloodshot before landing on their flagship title X-O Manowar

Artist: Chris Sotomayor

Born and raised in the Bronx (NY), Chris Sotomayor was nearly arrested for Breaking & Entering when trying to gain access to the Marvel Comics offices after hours.

Artist: Jay Lipson

A native New Yorker Jay left the industry in 1993 to pursue other endevours.  After a life changing injury in 2004 he returned to his passion of drawing.

Artist: “Creees” Hyunsung Lee

"Creees" Hyunsung Lee graduated from SVA (School of Visual Arts) with a BFA in Cartooning.