Cosplayer: CyFy

CyFy is a professional cosplay model who began her career back in 2016. Her goal […]

Cosplayer: RowenaCosplays

Rowenacosplays, also known as Danielle, is a New York based cosplayer. She began  cosplaying in […]

Cosplayer: Mary Kate Lively

Mary Kate Lively is a Long Island native and has been cosplaying for about a […]

Cosplayer: Romi Cosplayer

Romi, a 22 year old Chilean girl living in New York, has been cosplaying since […]

Cosplayer: Charles Maietta

Charles Maietta a.k.a Cam Cosplay, born in NYC born and raised in Long Island, has […]

Cosplayer: Legendpool

The cosplaying merc known as Legendpool, the Merc with the Club, is best known for […]

Cosplayer: Diana Rox

Suffolk County resident, Diana Rox, is a 38 year old mother of two. While Diana […]