Artist: Peat Vazquez

Fat guy Inc is the brand created by Brendan Shaw and Peat Vazquez. We are two guys that love art, comic books, beer and bacon. We introduced our artistic brand to the world at New York Comic Con 2014 and since then have made plans to take over the world! In a good way!

Artist: Sean Chen

Sean Chen has been a major part of the comic book industry for over two decades. He started out at Valiant Comics, having been discovered by the legendary Barry Windsor Smith. His debut book, Rai And the Future Force, topped the charts with over 800,000 copies sold. He then moved on to Harbinger and Bloodshot before landing on their flagship title X-O Manowar

**CANCELLED – Artist: Mike Lilly

Mike Lilly is a professional comic book artist who’s worked on such titles as The Tick, Grimm Fairy Tales, Nightwing, Vampirella, Black Terror, Annihilation Conquest Quasar, and Detective Comics (to name a few). His work on Vampirella Revelations from Harris Comics won him an Art Show Award of Excellence from I-CON 25. He’s also done … Read more**CANCELLED – Artist: Mike Lilly

Artist: Bill Raupp

[heading tag=”h2″ align=”center” color=”#000″ style=”lines” color2=”#000″]Writer Bio[/heading] Bill Raupp’s venture into the professional comics world began when his creations attracted the attention of Star Cross founder and publisher, Joe Spicer. According to Spicer, he and Raupp decided “to unite under” under his Star Cross banner, and produce issues of Tribulation Taskforce for public consumption. [heading … Read moreArtist: Bill Raupp

Exhibitor: Shadow Rabbit

“Hey I’m Louis. I make cool things out of clay.” Shadowrabbit_clay_guy is an artist and prototype designer who sculpts one-of-a-kind creations. All his sculptures are 100% hand-made using colored clay. He doesn’t uses moulds or paint so each piece is truly unique and customizable. Figures you can’t get anywhere, characters that are missing from your … Read moreExhibitor: Shadow Rabbit