Cosplayer: Mary Grecco

Cosplayer Bio

Mary Grecco, aka Rose-Maiden, 26, is a cosplayer, model, mermaid, photographer, Teacher AIDE, and a charity character performer based in Centereach Long Island, NY. She discovered the unique creative pastime of cosplay back in 2005, when she googled her favorite Final Fantasy character and found people dressed up as her.

Mary blames her obsession and love for Final Fantasy X and the character Rikku for her love of cosplay. With no prior trained skills in sewing or crafting, she learned everything she knows today from her wonderful neighbor Karen Kralik, who spent countless hours working and crafting costumes with Mary in her basement workshop.

Mary is an award winning cosplayer and has brought home at least 7 awards, some of which were Best in Show as Catwoman and Rikku and Best Performance as Final Fantasy X Rikku. She has also won 2 Best Group awards, one in which was her Mortal Kombat group.

Mary has taken on the roll of about 35 different characters since starting back in 2007. Some of her favorites consist of Rikku, Princess Ariel, Poison Ivy, and Sailor Moon (which she is best known for).

Mary has been working the promotional team for three local popular Long Island conventions since 2016. These consist of Eternal Con, Winter con, and Big Apple con. She has also been a cosplay guest at Eternal Con and Long Island Retro Gaming Expo in 2018.

Mary’s work as a cosplayer is never done — she works for the local comic book store, Genesis Comics and Gaming, as a character performer. Mary landed the job back in 2017 and has since then taken on the roll of Harley Quinn for all the store’s events.

Mary’s love for children and helping others combined with her ability to become certain characters led her to becoming an East Coast Avenger, a group of people who donate their time to charity and dress up for children who have it a bit rough in life. They have done work with the Ronald McDonald house.

On her free weekends Mary donates her time to helping with certain charities such as Band-AID’s For the Brave and has gotten a small group of friends together to help with the cause.

When Mary is not at a convention, she is a teacher’s aide in a local elementary school working side by side with children that have special needs or disabilities. She loves to bring her love for cosplay and a variety of characters into the classroom to connect with the children.

Mary also goes by Mermaid Rose and is a part of the LI Mermaid Pod. On her off days she spends countless hours in her pool swimming around in her Mertailor tail.

Mary also has her own Mermaid shop on Etsy, Accessories by Mermaid Rose, where she hand crafts and sells waterproof mermaid starfish hair accessories and shell tops for mermaids of all ages.

Mary is an advocate against all sorts of bullying and body shaming and supports body positivity in the cosplay community. She is a strong believer that no matter your age, weight, or race, anyone can cosplay and be whoever they want to be.

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