Artist: Jay Peralta

Brooklyn Born, Jay Peralta aka Atra Messor Art has always put his all into making art, for over 13 years and counting he has worked in all styles of art. From corporate logos and needs, to working with some of the best bands in the music industry creating artwork for merch including tshirts and album … Read moreArtist: Jay Peralta

Artist: Ian Miller

Ian Miller is one of the world’s newest comic book creators. He’s been drawing comics since he was 7 years old. After graduating from School of Visual Arts, Ian became a professional comic artist and writer. He’s created and continues to create his own comic book stories to entertain his readers.

Artist: Michael Gerlich

Michael is a Queens based artist and illustrator. He began working in comics production in the Marvel Bullpen while earning his college degree. Since then he’s worked in several artistic fields including other comics works. In 2021 he will begin publishing his first creator owned comic, a sword and sorcery adventure comic that blends historical … Read moreArtist: Michael Gerlich

Photographer: Michael Musacchio Photography and Design

[heading tag=”h2″ align=”center” color=”#000″ style=”lines” color2=”#000″]Photographer Bio[/heading] Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Michael has been a photographer for the last ten years. While the body of his work consists of places off the beaten path, he’s looking to take his stylized approach in new directions! Check out Michael Musacchio Photography and Design on … Read morePhotographer: Michael Musacchio Photography and Design

Cosplayer: Mustachiod Cosplay

[heading tag=”h2″ align=”center” color=”#000″ style=”lines” color2=”#000″]Cosplayer Bio[/heading] @Mustachiod_Cosplay aka TJ is a cosplayer out of NYC. He has been designing/creating costumes and props, for himself and others, using his skills with various tools and techniques such as foam-smithing, leather work, and 3D printing. His major projects have included Western Punisher and Greaser Batman, which are … Read moreCosplayer: Mustachiod Cosplay