To anyone considering the Suffolk County Comic Con, I found the convention, while small, to be very well attended, and to be both pleasurable and, to be honest,very profitable. Phil and the others running the show treated everyone well and were a pleasure to deal with. ” ~Mark Bagley

Spent a thoroughly enjoyable day set up at the Spring 2019 Suffolk Comic Art Expo, and while not a massive show, is smoothly run by and attended by true fans of COMIC BOOKS! I was well taken care of by the show organizer and shown nothing but enthusiasm and passion by the attendees. It’s an easy, slam dunk recommendation of a show.” ~Scott Williams

After doing conventions for over 20 years, I have to say Phil’s show stands out as the best new show on the circuit. He’s created a great fan and artist experience! He makes guests, artists and most importantly the fans feel welcome. The artists are well taken care of by his attentive staff and his love of the medium is felt throughout the venue.
If you’re a fan attending the show, you have easy access to many top notch industry talent, and a warm atmosphere.

As an artist/guest, Phil will take care of you with his accommodating staff and excellent, fully stocked green room with food, beverages, the works 😉

I highly recommend this wonderful show and wish Phil much success for many, many years to come.” ~Mike Lilly (Comic Book Artist, Carouser, Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs)

Shows like this are the backbone of our industry. Whether you’re looking to fill-in your want list, meet a creator, or just interact with your fellow fans, getting a healthy, heavy dose of the pure love of comics in this fashion will remind you of why you fell in love with them in the first place. It rarely gets better than when fans and creators alike are treated with enthusiastic respect. I hope this show runs for years and years (or forever)!” ~J.C.Vaughn

I loved being at the Suffolk Comic & Art Expo for many reasons. First, it’s been a long time since I had that feeling that the Con was REALLY about comics and creators, like it should be. And that’s the vibe I got at the show. Also, the fans were really warm and nice to the artists and writers – and by the way, what a line up of creators! And finally, the way all the staff and the Con organizers took care of all the guests and artists. They were very caring and went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. Great show, great crowd and great hosts!” ~Will Conrad

The Suffolk Comic & Art Expo was one of the best creator experiences I’ve ever had at a convention. Show runner Phil Russertt and his crew’s attention to detail and appreciation for both the fans and creators was bar-none. As creators we were well taken care of and the crowd that showed up was fantastic. It was a very comics centric show so the fans it attracted were like minded. They were friendly and fun to chat with. It was an overall fantastic experience. As a creator and a fan I highly recommend this show!” ~John Broglia

The Suffolk comic & art expo had the most hospitable host and staff with a great passion for creators and their work. Not only was the attendance high but the overall quality of the show was excellent and the green room was nothing short of an Italian feast. More shows should be run like this one, and I’m really looking forward to the next!” ~Billy Tucci

Suffolk Comic Expo was a great experience! Phillip Russert and his entire crew know how to make a guest feel welcome! Great fans, great times!” ~“The” Alé Garza

The Suffolk County Comic and Art Expo distinguishes itself from the pack in that it puts creator and fan experience first over profit. Phil Russertt’s long and abiding love for comic art is evident in the way he treats creators with the utmost respect. As a family-run operation, the team work with the singular goal of doing everything in their power to make the best show possible. Phil and his staff are extremely attentive and responsive on the day of the show, and is a tireless promoter of the show and it’s guest creators year round.” ~Sean Chen

The Suffolk Comic & Art expo that I attended was what comic book conventions used to be about. It was not too small and not too big, so that you actually get to meet the people who’s work you admire in an intimate setting.” ~Josef Rubinstein

If you’re a romantic like me, you gotta love the simple things that were. With all those big cons full of insurance companies, Kato Kaelin and pro wrestlers, it’s nice to see a refreshing, intimate show of a couple of retailers and talent. That’s one good reason to do Suffolk, and really, it’s the best reason.” ~Rags Morales

I had my doubts about a one-day convention on a Sunday, but Philip absolutely pulled it off. There was a sizable crowd pretty much the whole day. The fans kept doing two things: telling me how much they loved my work, and giving me money, which is all I ask for from any convention. Plus plenty of food available in the green room. Absolutely worth your time.” ~Peter David

Phil and all the fine folks at Suffolk Comic art Expo run a great show. The convention focuses on comics and the fans in attendance reflect that. Had a great experience and looking forward to coming back.” ~Marat Mychaels

I had a great time at the Suffolk Comic & Art Expo. It’s a return to when conventions celebrated comics as an artform, and was intimate enough to really be able to talk with the fans. A much more personal experience all around.
I genuinely enjoyed being a guest at the show, and have never been taken care of quite so well, which made it a pleasure. Fans should definitely support this show. It’s impossible to not have a great time between visiting the talent/ guests and shopping for a diverse selection of collectibles. I can’t recommend the Suffolk Comic & Art Expo enough.” ~Christopher Sotomayor