Writer: Michael Santana

Twenty nine year old Michael Santana started writing with his twin brother and two best friends (who are like brothers) when he was in high school. As a self-proclaimed “huge nerd,” most of the work was fan fiction. Growing up, Michael always loved action/adventure stories, but as he grew older Michael became interested in scary movies, the supernatural, and mythology. After Skyping his girlfriend one evening, an idea popped in Michael’s head — it wasn’t a normal random thought, rather it was a flushed out idea. More than a year later, his his second book is complete and published. Michael is well on his way to fulfilling his dream! Follow him on Twitter @guardiansbase.

Pantheons Fall Vol. 1 Synopsis 
In a world where gods hide in plain sight and walk among them, some try and live peaceful lives and others want the world to go back to the old ways where the gods were worshiped and feared. But among them hiding are the god-slayers humans that can kill gods and absorb the powers of the first god they kill. We follow the story of Serpent, a god-slayer, as he and his brothers uncover a secret society that have plans for this world.
Pantheons Fall Vol. 2 Dark Tyranny Synopsis

Five years has passed since the battle for New York, that would later be called the Divinity Event. The god-slayer, formerly known as Serpent, has taken up the mantle of Lucifer. But with Longinus out of the picture, a bigger threat looms over the horizon. Her name is Gaia and if she has her way the world will bow to her.

Pantheons Fall Vol. 3 Synopsis

Gaia had won, and she has achieved her dream of complete control of the earth. But Lucifer and the erasers refuse to let her keep it. But something is happening to Lucifer, his power is changing him. Not in a good way, he is slowing becoming a monster. A threat to the entire universe, but isn’t it worth it to stop Gaia and her allies. Even if the world has to burn in black flames along with the rest of creation.